26 "international Day Against Drug Abuse" Do First Aids Drug - International Day Against

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6 26 was World Day Against Drugs, the reporter in Yantai City, CDC learned that the center city area in all living patients with AIDS and provide free medical follow-up and testing services.

General, incidence of infection from infected to go through an incubation period of 7-10 years, during which they will meet a lot of life, psychological and health problems, for the time to understand the health status of infection and disease progression, disease control agency

All infected people and patients to establish a health record, they were followed up regularly to provide psychological support to help them solve the difficulties of life and health, free of charge for their immune function (CD4 cell testing), found that of the patients time for them to free antiretroviral therapy.

Jiucheng to accept HIV testing pregnant women for more than
With the level of public knowledge about AIDS continue to increase acceptance of HIV testing of pregnant women each year the increase in disease control department, according to statistics, during the first half of this year, nearly 9 percent of the city pre-pregnancy maternal acceptance testing, two or more maternal and child health agencies and maternal hospital more than 98% detection rate.

Mother to child transmission of AIDS is HIV-infected pregnant women may pass through the placenta and breast-feeding transmission of the virus to the fetus or newborn infant HIV infection as immune deficiency, is very easy to get sick after birth, these babies usually in 3 years life will be seized before the illness, to the heavy economic burden on families and the spirit of combat.

Interview is understood that the blocks are already mother to child transmission of HIV in time to take effective measures, including contraception, termination of pregnancy, perinatal given antiviral treatment, timely processing of mixed infections, caesarean section, and artificial feeding and so on. The past two years, the city in the timely detection of maternal HIV found in two cases of HIV infection in pregnant women with medical personnel through appropriate interventions to take timely control the spread of AIDS.

Short-term high-risk behavior can not determine whether the infection
In the City Center for Disease Control AIDS counseling and testing the reception of the consultants, there are many people in high-risk behavior occurs after a very short period of time requires testing, or even less than 1 day??? Address this a situation, CDC experts cautioned that the current HIV testing methods are commonly used HIV antibody detection of the human body. Human infected with the AIDS virus, usually takes two weeks to gradually produce antibodies to the virus in the short term can not be determined whether the infection.

It is understood that after HIV infection from the human body to the peripheral blood can detect HIV antibodies in the period, known as the "window period", usually 2 weeks -3 months. During this time, not detected virus antibody in blood, but is contagious. Only until the "window period" after the (at least 6 weeks), the blood will have a sufficient number of HIV can be detected. But we can not overlook the fact that different individuals the immune response to HIV is different from the time the appearance of antibodies is also inconsistent, particularly with the recent high-risk behavior, and if within 3 months of negative test results can not be easily ruled out infection, should be separated 3 months then check again.

CDC experts reminded the public that as far as possible after the occurrence of high-risk behaviors to overcome fear, do not blindly testing, not to control the early symptoms of AIDS upon himself to find similar circumstances, the early symptoms of AIDS is not widespread, nor is it unique , and determine whether HIV infection only by blood tests.
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26 "international Day Against Drug Abuse" Do First Aids Drug - International Day Against

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26 "international Day Against Drug Abuse" Do First Aids Drug - International Day Against

This article was published on 2011/01/03