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In the realm of hearing assistance, some brand names like Beltone hearing aids inspire a good deal of respect. Beltone has long been regarded as a reputable hearing aid producer, and their products are consistently given favorable ratings. We will explore some of the types of hearing aids Beltone offers as well as their advantages in the scope of this article, but remember that everyones hearing loss is different. Therefore, never purchase a hearing aid blindly without first receiving a hearing consultation from a licensed audiologist. Though he or she may recommend a certain brand of hearing aid to you afterward, know that the device will likely have to be calibrated for your unique challenges.

Beltone hearing aids highlights:

Beltone hearing aids come in CIC varieties. Completely in canal hearing aids are nestled snugly in the ear canal and are a favorite for users who wear hearing aids consistently. They also offer the advantage of being out of sight.
Another shell style that Beltone produces is the ITC hearing aid, which stands for in the canal.
In the ear and behind the ear styles are Beltone staples as well.
As customization is paramount when it comes to individualizing hearing aids, Beltone models offer a variety of different circuitries that can be manipulated to ensure a person is able to hear at the best levels possible.
The Beltone company has been around for more than 70 years. This longevity illustrates their consistency and continued popularity. Beltone models are often on the cusp of the latest hearing technology, and the company has long been regarded as a leader in the hearing aid sector.

If you believe that Beltone may manufacture the hearing aid that is right for your unique challenges, first make an appointment with an audiologist. He or she will take you through a series of tests to deduce the level of your hearing loss and will then discuss your options. Once it is apparent that you will need hearing aids, do not purchase the first model you are offered. Shop around for the best prices; they vary widely in this market. If you ultimately do choose Beltone models, prepare to start hearing the world again!
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Consider Beltone Hearing Aids

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This article was published on 2010/12/14