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Mobility aids like scooters, stairlifts and wheelchairs really make a different to elderly and disabled people's lives. Whether it's helping them travel independently on a scooter or simply to be able to continue to use their home safely with a stairlift or widened doorway for wheelchair access. These products promote independence, and help these people to carry out activities which otherwise might not be possible. Unfortunately these products do carry a price tag, but there are government grants available to help disabled people make reasonable adaptations to their homes.

Mobility aids can be expensive, particularly if they need to be installed inside a home, but they allow people who might otherwise be forced to move to a smaller property to stay in their own home for longer. While the costs might be high there are several ways to reduce the cost of buying and installing even expensive mobility aids like stairlifts.

The best way to reduce the cost of buying and installing a stairlift is to select one which has been reclaimed and refurbished. Reconditioned stairlifts can retail at half the price of new ones, and will typically come with a reassuring two year warrantee and the same pledges of service and maintenance which you would get when you purchased a new stairlift.

Alternatively you could think about hiring a stairlift for a period of time. If it ends up being used over the long term it might not work out economical, but does allow for more flexibility. Hiring a stairlift could also be a good idea if you're struggling to afford the price of a new installation.

Stairlifts are installed onto stairwells, and can function on curved, cornered or straight staircases, depending on certain key factors such as the width of the stairs and the landing area. They are specially adapted for a specific home and feature a battery at either end of the staircase which charges the lift.

Wheelchair users may struggle to use a stairlift, so might consider installing lifts which can transport the wheelchair to the next floor. Some staircases cannot have stairlifts fitted because of certain issues such as narrowness or a lack of room for the seat to rest. Mobility aids set people free, allowing them live active, independent lives for longer. Without the use of mobility aids many elderly people would be forced to move into a bungalow or care home. Mobility aids mean that these people can spend longer looking after themselves in their own homes.
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Mobility Aids - Stairlifts, Wheelchair Lifts & Mobility Scooters

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This article was published on 2011/01/25